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CCAJ is abbreviation of “Connecting Children of Africa and Japan”.
This time, Tachikawa English ChatRoom was reborn as NPO with legal personality.[1]We acquired NPO corporation right in March 2019. Basic activity is just the same as Tachikawa English ChatRoom which had been enjoying its activity for past 18 years. But about next two points are greatly transformed its contents and quality to much more effective and attractive one. So, let me explain about them.
1: As teaching material, we have been using TIME article and PBS (American Public Broadcasting System). Besides that, in CCAJ, Dr. Yaw Agyeman Boafo, formerly a researcher at the University of Tokyo and now a professor at Ghana University will keep give us newest information from Ghana about their school life, city and rural area life as well as historical, cultural and various modern productive system there. That will surely give important “substance” to our global English learning much. Because of Dr. Yaw’s detailed understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and people, we are encourage to speak out English exchange with open mind. We also learn a great deal about Africa culture and lifestyle, beyond what we watch on TV or see on the internet.
2: Related to No1, we will have special activity which related to UNU head quarter in Shibuya. It will be a great chance to learn GLOBAL an U.N. spirit for Japanese young people. Through the UNU, we have become friends with many young African scholars especially from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria over the last 5 years.
Lastly, all high school students in local area, will be able to be given a great chance so easily with reasonable cost which used to be the principle of citizen’s group Tachikawa English ChatRoom.
So, we will be waiting for any one who is interested in this project.

NPO Connecting Children of Africa and Japan.

Kyoko Kumada

[1]We acquired NPO corporation right in March 2019.


CCAJは、“Connecting Children of Africa and Japan“の省略です。




1 We acquired NPO corporation right in March 2019.
2 2019年3月にNPO法人格取得